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Where Mosquitoes Breed Affects You St Petersburg FL

Where Mosquitoes Breed Affects You

St Petersburg Where Mosquitoes Breed Affects You
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Where Mosquitoes Breed Affects You in and near St Petersburg Florida

Where Mosquitoes Breed Affects You

There's great truth way mosquito breeds has an impact on that environment. Most mosquitoes don't travel more than 100 yards from where they emerge as adults during the lifetime. If your yard is prone to holding stagnant water in any significant quantity your is greater risk for breeding generations of mosquitoes is living in the Everglades. Most homes in the St Petersburg Bay area provide great shade cover for mosquitoes to harbor due to the tropical landscape that we all enjoy. Because of frequent watering, many areas tend to hold small amounts of water perfect for the laying of eggs. Many man-made drainage areas, including gutters stagnant water that will allow multiple generations and mosquitoes to breeding mature. Without some type of protection, our yards can become a significant breeding ground for growing mosquito population.

Fresh Water Mosquitoes

In St Petersburg Bay we have so much freshwater for mosquito breeding, that is not surprising that we have such a problem with the mosquito population. We build retension ponds to pool runoff, we sprinkle our yards to three times a week, we build underground drain systems that never drain, we have gutters to divert and hold rainwater, we have bird ponds, water features and potted plants that hold water and we feel we are immune to an eminent attack from bloodsucking mosquitoes. Remember, many of the freshwater variety of mosquitoes the live in the St Petersburg Bay area, also carry most of the diseases that we fear the most. In each case, many of the areas that allow for prolific population growths of mosquitoes have been created by our development. You don't need to live near a swamp water conservation area to have a problem with fresh water mosquitoes, but you do need to manage your environment to enjoy the amenities you have.

Salt Water Mosquitoes

We all wanted to live in the St Petersburg Bay area, I've spent 55 years here and I love it. We need to understand however, that we do live in a saltwater coastal area. Many of us are surrounded by estuaries and coastal marshes that allow for a tremendous opportunity for a saltwater variety of mosquito to breed them proliferate. These areas are very difficult to treat on a broad scale basis by mosquito control districts. These areas are usually very environmentally sensitive, and somewhat impenetrable by standard mosquito spraying applications. Is incumbent on the individual property owner, to be diligent in protecting your personal environment from the onslaught of salt water mosquitoes. There are unique applications that may well with backyard environments for mosquito control and even the most exposed saltwater environment.

Tree Borne Mosquitoes

Tree borne mosquitoes are unique problem, but one that seems to be quite prevalent here in the St Petersburg Bay area. Many of us enjoy yards that are shaded by large mature trees and shrubs. Many oak trees grow pockets over time, that hold water. You never see them, but they are growing mosquitoes that you can't imagine. Many of the luscious tropical palms that we have in our yards, bird of paradise, as well as many other species of tropical plants can hold pockets of water, the provide tremendous opportunities for mosquitoes the lay eggs. A comprehensive approach to mosquito control includes a survey of your outdoor environment to detect any potential opportunities for the growth of tree borne mosquitoes.

Where Mosquitoes Breed Affects You St Petersburg FL
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St Petersburg Where Mosquitoes Breed Affects You
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