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Bug Slayer Mosquito Control System St Petersburg FL

Bug Slayer Mosquito Control System

St Petersburg Bug Slayer Mosquito Control System
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Bug Slayer Mosquito Control System in and near St Petersburg Florida

Bug Slayer Mosquito Control Systems in St Petersburg

In 2002 bug slayer mosquito systems began business, as the first and only mosquito misting company in the St Petersburg Bay area. We were the first, we are the largest mosquito control company on the West Coast of Florida. We have over 50 authorized dealers throughout the country that purchase the equipment we manufacture right here in the St Petersburg Bay area. We manufacture, sell, installed and service over 1,000 mosquito misting systems. We have been and are totally focused on mosquito control applications for your home and business in the St Petersburg Bay area. When only the best will do, it's a bug slayer.

How Bug Slayer Works

The bug slayer system works like having your own, full-time, pest control operator working in your yard, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our technician will analyze your property, taking into considerations our primary objectives: safety first, effectiveness, and aesthetics. The bug slayer system is an auto spray insect management system. First there is a reservoir tank which carries our product to be metered out through the system. Secondly, the pump, motor and timer which control the application of the product, both on a manual basis with a remote control or on automatic timed sprays. Thirdly, the network of strategically placed misting nozzles throughout the yard area, taking into consideration harborage and breeding areas of mosquitoes, no see um's and other flying and biting insects. The concept is a simple one, to preemptively ambush the unsuspecting target past, before they have a chance to react. We kill them all before they have a chance to attack you.

Why is Bug Slayer More Effective

We don't believe you could argue with success. We've had over 10 years of experience in the mosquito control business. We have installed over 1000 systems in the St Petersburg Bay area. There's probably no structure in St Petersburg Bay that we haven't had success on a similar project. We've installed systems on trailers two 40,000 square-foot mansions and everything in between. We have already figured out, what the other guys are learning. We listen to your concerns, we know what's important to you, we desire to serve you for years to come in we take very seriously the opportunity that you give us. We care about the people we serve, and will do whatever it takes to bring about a positive outcome. It's not just our superior equipment or the chemicals we use, it's the people we are don't give you the peace of mind that nobody does it better than bug slayer.

We use Air Flow in Mosquito Control

Certain applications just work better, and necessity is the mother of invention. Over the years we've learned certain areas may need something else for mosquito control. We've had large, deep, porches that could not be treated effectively with traditional mosquito misting applications. Since some of the chemicals we used over the years have been environmentally sensitive not been able to spray ever tidal waters, that our clients wanted to hang out on the dock. Both of these applications used airflow with automatic mosquito misting systems. How does it work? A 5 to 7 mile per hour breeze makes it impossible for a mosquito to land and bite a victim. By adding airflow from one of a high velocity, outdoor rated, sealed motor fan, we can guarantee enough air flow to enhance any existing mosquito control application and allow freedom to use the amenities desired. We are innovative at bug slayer.

Mosquito Control with You in Mind

The bug slayer system was created not only to be the most effective mosquito killing apparatus but focuses on three Paramount objectives. To apply an insecticide product, to a target past, in a manner that would bring about a positive outcome for the homeowner, with the least potential of harm to either the environment, or the purchaser of the system.(SAFETY FIRST) To reduce the mosquito population, to a point that you may enjoy the outdoor areas, that you use and cherish and pay property taxes on. This is done by making sure the problem areas are identified, the proper equipment is installed, to bring about a positive outcome.(EFFACACY) to install a system that is felt and not seen. This is done by taking into consideration all landscape and hard scape features, building structures, colors and general Outlook of the completed project.(AESTHETICS)

Environmentally Friendly

At Bug Slayer, as a licensed pest control company, we fall under the jurisdiction of the Department of Agriculture the state of Florida as well as guidelines from the Environmental Protection Agency.. We believe we always need to put safety first in dealing with solutions to your pest control needs. We use only registered products that are deemed to be used in the equipment that we sell for the expressed purpose of affecting the target past we are eliminating. It is our custom to discuss each of the products we use with our clients before proceeding with any application that we are contracted to use.

We offer exempt products that are based on plant oils only. We also offer pyrethrum, which is primarily an organic insecticide, derived from the chrysanthemum flower. We also use synthetic insecticides in certain applications where more residual impact is necessary in the environment.

We believe educating the consumer, makes the most sense in arriving at a point to use a product that not only meets your expectations, but remains environmentally responsible for all involved.

Won't Harm Humans or Animals

Your concerns, are my concerns. My goal is to serve you for years to come, if I impact your health negatively I've not done my job. The critical factors in safety for both humans and animals has three basic fundamental imperatives to work.

The equipment we use needs to be able to work, on time, when directed, and understood by the homeowner. We build our equipment with internal safety features that allows you to use the bug slayer system at timed intervals when needed and with on-demand with remote control.

The choice of chemicals, all of which have specific applications, for specific environments, with specific anticipated outcomes, used in a manner that follows labeling guidelines.

The placement of nozzles are critical in the effectiveness of the system, but must take into consideration the proximity toward human and animal contact. It is critical on our part to educate you the consumer, on how everything works and how each facet of the system can impact you.

If used properly, the bug slayer system will bring about the desired outcome from both in effectiveness standpoint on the insect population, as well as providing continued safety for the end-user.

Why Purchase Bug Slayer?

When only the best of do a bug slayer. The word reputation, means everything to us. We're not in the business to sell something to everybody just to make a buck. We've turned down huge jobs over the years, because they just weren't right. First of all, your safety is my utmost concern. And to be honest my liability exposure is right behind that.

We have the experience, to do the job right. We will competitively price our product so as to bring real value to the table. We manufacture the equipment, right here in St Petersburg, and know the intricacies of each and every facet of the product we install on your property. My techs are all employees, we don't use subcontract labor, they are all trained in how to install and service are systems properly. They take pride in a job well done.

Philosophically, you wouldn't want to do business with a company that wasn't like bug slayer. You want to deal with a company, irregardless of the paper that the contract is written on, you could shake their hand and know that what is said, is accomplished.

Bug Slayer Mosquito Control System St Petersburg FL
BugSlayer in St Petersburg
St Petersburg Bug Slayer Mosquito Control System
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