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Larvaecide Applications St Petersburg FL

Larvaecide Applications

St Petersburg Larvaecide Applications
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Larvaecide Applications in and near St Petersburg Florida

Larvaecide Applications in St Petersburg

Have you ever wondered what those little wiggly things were in the standing water of your flowerpots? Have your kids ever had that little wading pool in the backyard that you forgot to dump out, and weeks is gone by and you think yourself by gosh I've got a problem? If you can dump it out, you need to do it right away, but if you can't you may need a larvaeside treatment.

Larvaeside, our products that are used specifically to target mosquitoes in the pre-adult stage of life. Where stagnant, standing water is available, growing mosquitoes in all forms of the lifecycle can be found. A larvaeside is an insect growth regulator. What this means, that the product inhibits the development of growth from one stage in the lifecycle to the next stage. Basically stop the life cycle of a mosquito at the larval stage. The adult mosquito will not emerge from the in that body of water.

Many mosquito control districts use a larvasiding program in their mosquito control efforts. Initially the common method in larvasiding program is dipping the water in a small container out of the standing water in basically counting the larva that are contained in the cup. When certain thresholds are met, the pest control applicator then apply the larvaeside to the stagnant water area. Within a few days the lifecycle of the mosquito will be broken. An application of larvaeside normally lasts in the body of water for up to 30 days and will eliminate mosquito growth.

Bug slayer mosquito control also uses a larvaeside program in conjunction with their automatic mosquito misting systems. In the initial survey process our representative will point out and remove areas of standing water if at all possible. In the bodies of water, or areas prone to flooding, especially during the rainy season, we will apply larvaeside to control the lifecycle of the emerging mosquito population. In conjunction with the larvasiding, the automatic mosquito misting system will have an impact as to kill and repel all adult mosquitoes from the area. Using a two-pronged attack the bug slayer mosquito control efforts will eliminate not only the breeding of mosquitoes on your property but also the adults that feed on blood. Give bug slayer a call today day and let us show you how to make your outdoor areas more enjoyable year round.

Larvaecide Applications St Petersburg FL
BugSlayer in St Petersburg
St Petersburg Larvaecide Applications
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