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Retractable Mosquito Screens St Petersburg FL

Retractable Mosquito Screens

St Petersburg Retractable Mosquito Screens
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Retractable Mosquito Screens in and near St Petersburg Florida

Retractable Mosquito Screens in St Petersburg

I really don't like screens, they are so confining. Would be wonderful though, to have a screen when you need it and be able to roll it up when you don't ? The bug slayer mosquito control may have the answer for you. If you don't want an insecticide spraying from our automatic mosquito control system, but you've realized you can't live of outdoors without some type of protection, bug slayer may have the answer for you.

Retractable screens can add an enhanced level of protection from not only mosquitoes and no see-ums, but also add shading for sun protection on your outdoor patios. With a retractable screen you can choose the size of screen mesh to coincide with your insect problem, the color of the screen and edging, the texture as well as the sun shading features. You can choose to have a manual retracting screen or a remote control motorized version.

Retractable screen looks similar to a traditional fixed screen, with the exception of the housing that holds the screen within the retracted position. The roller that holds the screen is usually concealed inside and encased mounting bracket that has a choice of colors. The screen runs up and down on a zipper track along the sides which allows the unit to seal tightly from side to side. The bottom of the screen has w weighted bar that helps hold the bottom in place with the screen is open in the down position. Retractable screen openings can vary in size from a few feet wide to an excess of 20 feet. The height of the opening can run anywhere between six and 15 feet's and functionality of a motorized retractable screen make it an effective option for mosquito control. You need to call bug slayer and allow us to give you a free estimate and show you how retractable great screen may be just the answer to handle your mosquito control problem.

Retractable Mosquito Screens St Petersburg FL
BugSlayer in St Petersburg
St Petersburg Retractable Mosquito Screens
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