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Kills Flies (Even in Horse Barns) St Petersburg FL

Kills Flies (Even in Horse Barns)

St Petersburg Kills Flies (Even in Horse Barns)
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Kills Flies (Even in Horse Barns) in and near St Petersburg Florida

Bug Slayer Mosquito Control System
Kills Flies (Even in Horse Barns) in St Petersburg

Horse barns a big deal in the St Petersburg Bay area and all over Florida. Because of the ability to ride horses year around in the St Petersburg Bay area, many private homes have added a horse barn to their personal amenities. In addition to private horse barn ownership, there are many riding stables as well as commercial riding academies throughout the St Petersburg Bay region. There is a huge investment in owning a horse, not just the cost of purchasing the animal, but the ongoing cost maintenance and housing. As with any investment, the wise consumer should consider all available means to protect their investment. A prime consideration, for the protection of horses, is a fly control and mosquito control. Swarming flies have a tremendous ability distress confined animals in their stalls, while mosquitoes have the ability to transmit diseases such as West Nile virus and equine encephalitis.

Preventative measures, are the best way to maintain some type of long-term control over both the mosquito and fly populations around your horse barn. You need to make your barn areas a protected environment from breeding and harborage for flies and mosquitoes. Let's look at the options:

  1. Keep it clean. Cleanliness is your number one responsibility, remove manure daily, and keep it dry and covered up.
  2. Remove stagnant water. Anything that holds water, from broken gutters, to rain barrels, water troughs must be emptied and cleaned on a weekly basis.
  3. Use as an additive. Pelleted and mineral block, feed additives can introduce a fly killing system to the animals feed. The horse remains safe; the manure becomes toxic to breeding flies.
  4. Use wipes. There are a number of insect sprays that can be used to wipe on your animals on a daily basis that will kill and repel both mosquitoes and flies.
  5. Get a bug slayer. The bug slayer, auto spray insect management system will complete the protection advantage you need to keep your barn’s flies and mosquitoes under control.

The bug slayer system is an auto spray insect management system. The system is installed on private property and is geared toward the elimination of mosquitoes, flies, and other flying biting pests. The bug slayer, falls under the classification of mosquito misting systems the system has three basic components:

  1. The reservoir tank which contains the insecticide product to be metered out through the system.
  2. The pump, motor and timer which control the application of the insecticide, both on a manual basis with a remote control or on automatic timed spray.
  3. The network of strategically placed misting nozzles throughout the yard area, taking into consideration harborage and breeding areas of flies and mosquitoes.

The concept is a simple one, to preemptively ambush, the unsuspecting target past, before they have a chance to react. Protect your investment and enjoy what you worked hard to obtain, you need a bug slayer system. Call bug slayer today for a free estimate, you'll be glad you did.

Kills Flies (Even in Horse Barns) St Petersburg FL
BugSlayer in St Petersburg
St Petersburg Kills Flies (Even in Horse Barns)
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