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Environmentally Friendly in and near St Petersburg Florida

Environmentally Friendly Mosquito Control Systems

Bug slayer mosquito control, uses a patented method, to killing and repel mosquitoes, no see-ums, lake midges, spiders, wasps, and flies. As a licensed pest control company, we not only fall under the jurisdiction of the Florida Department of Agriculture, but also guidelines from the Environmental Protection Agency. We believe with all those agencies periodically looking over our shoulders, that common sense should rule the day and we take that approach to our everyday business activities.

In the initial process of assessing the type and scope of insect problem you may have, we take into consideration your personal preferences for the types of products that you wish to have sprayed around your yard. Of course, we have those guys that say "kill them all and let the entomologist sort it out". But it is our job, to point out the various options that are available to you that will bring about the best outcome, with your own personal security intact. There are three types of products that are currently authorized to be used in automatic misting systems from bug slayer mosquito control. They are as follows:

  1.  Exempt products, these products generally do not fall under what’s called FIFRA guidelines. The products are based on the natural defenses that plants and trees have used for their self-protection against insects and pathogens for a millennia. These products normally contain natural oils, extracts from plants such as; rosemary oil, cinnamon oil, lemongrass oil, cedar oil, neem oil along with wintergreen oil, lecithin and other naturally occurring plant oils.
  2. Pyrethrum, which is primarily an organic insecticide, derived from the chrysanthemum flower and is widely recognized to deliver a fast knockdown and kill of mosquitoes. When used in residential misting systems this product effectively controls mosquitoes and other flying insects, and is easy on ornamentals and landscape plants. The product is widely used in the food and hospitality industry for its powerful effect on insects, while quickly dissipating into the environment with little or no trace of its use. Many organic fruits and vegetables that are on our dining room tables have been sprayed by pyrethrum to control insects.
  3. Synthetic products, such as permethrin have been introduced into the mosquito control industry. These products have had a tremendous impact, not only for quick knockdown, but for the residual ability to repel and kill insects on a longer-term basis. Many of the common uses for this product over the years, has been lice shampoo for children, flee control for your dogs, and even clothing lines with the fabrics permeated with the insecticide for both military and civilian use.

We believe that is incumbent upon bug slayer as a company, and our representatives to make available all documentation necessary to make an informed decision on the types of products you want used in and around your yard. Give us the opportunity to educate you about your options and how we might best serve you.

Environmentally Friendly Mosquito Control Systems St Petersburg FL
BugSlayer in St Petersburg
St Petersburg Environmentally Friendly Mosquito Control Systems
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