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Tree Borne Mosquitoes St PetersburgFL

Tree Borne Mosquitoes

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Tree Borne Mosquitoes in and near St PetersburgFlorida

Tree Borne Mosquitoes in St Petersburg

Tree borne mosquitoes can create real problems for homeowners in the St Petersburg Bay area. Tree holes or rot cavities support a rather extensive and unusual mosquito fauna, with many species breeding almost exclusively in this habitat. The trees of beauty have become havens for blood sucking mosquitoes.

The back yard also seems to be the perfect place for artificial container mosquito breeding. Several species lay eggs in man created areas around human dwellings. Tin cans, French drains, rain barrels, tire swings, plant pots that don't drain, even many of your gorgeous bromeliads contain water and serve as a larval habitat. Several species often encountered in your backyard or the Aedes aegypti, many of the Culex varieties as well as the Anopheles.

It is incumbent upon the homeowner, or professional pest control technician to search out these potential locations of mosquito habitat and eliminate them from the environment. Many times trees can be drilled to drain the water reservoirs are held within them. The same would hold true for rot cavities that hold moisture. As for pots, pans, dishes, tires and cans, are all common sense items that can be dumped on an ongoing basis that can reduce the mosquito population drastically in your backyard.

Tree Borne Mosquitoes St PetersburgFL
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