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Colors That Attract Mosquitoes St Petersburg FL

Colors That Attract Mosquitoes

St Petersburg Colors That Attract Mosquitoes
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Colors That Attract Mosquitoes in and near St Petersburg Florida

Colors That Attract Mosquitoes in St Petersburg

Mosquitoes are not color blind, actually they have tremendous visual acuity. Mosquitoes love color and the darker the better. The research is not definitive on whether it's an instinctive reaction to darker colors as a camouflage device or a natural feeding mechanism ingrained in the insect.

Over these past 11 years I can tell by experience that if you have dark walls on the exterior of your home you will find more mosquitoes present there. If you have a dark front door, unified more mosquitoes around and you will light colored door. If you have any type of foliage in your yard trees and shrubs for example, unified a greater concentration of mosquitoes in those dark shaded areas. In the process of harboring,(that is mosquitoes hanging out) you tend to find more mosquitoes hiding in darker locations. The rule of thumb is cooler, darker, and more damp attracts mosquitoes.

As for feeding mosquitoes, they will tend to attack legs that are covered in dark pantyhose, dark pants or shorts, dark shirts and socks. Conversely, mosquitoes seldom attack of folks in white button-down's and khaki pants. It sounds crazy but all the research points in that direction. As for clothing, I can only speculate in daytime mosquito attacks, darker clothes can increase the body temperature causing more perspiration and odors the may attract the mosquitoes. Because mosquitoes are visual hunters, and actually are able to depict your thermal image the darker clothing may increase skin temperatures and have a tendency to attract more mosquitoes to feed.

In any event, a bug slayer automatic mosquito misting system will kill and/or repel adult mosquitoes and thus allow you to wear anything you want. The bug slayer mosquito misting system installed on your property allows you the freedom to enjoy your outdoor entertainment areas. You don't have to run for cover every time the sun starts to set. You can enjoy the amenities that you worked so hard to obtain. Let us change the outdoor environment in your home or business with a bug slayer mosquito misting system. Call us today for free estimate and allow us the opportunity to serve you. When only the best will do, it's a bug slayer.

Colors That Attract Mosquitoes St Petersburg FL
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St Petersburg Colors That Attract Mosquitoes
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