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Bug Slayer Kills Mosquitos, No See-ums, Flies and Spiders Kills Mosquitos, No See-ums, Flies and Spiders St Petersburg FL

Bug Slayer Kills Mosquitos, No See-ums, Flies and Spiders

St Petersburg Bug Slayer Kills Mosquitos, No See-ums, Flies and Spiders Kills Mosquitos, No See-ums, Flies and Spiders
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Bug Slayer Kills Mosquitos, No See-ums, Flies and Spiders in and near St Petersburg Florida

Bug Slayer Kills Mosquitos, No See-ums, Flies and Spiders

The bug slayer mosquito control system kills and repels mosquitoes all over your property. Since 2002, bug slayer has installed over 1000 systems in the St Petersburg Bay area and over 3000 systems have been sold through authorized dealers throughout the United States. The basic premise of the system is to strategically place high pressure misting nozzles around your property in areas that harbor nuisance insects: mosquitoes, no see ums, midges, wasps, spiders and biting flies. The nozzles are fed from a reservoir tank that carries a solution that is pumped out on an automatic timed basis. A blast of 60 seconds of this solution, two or three times a day, at specific times, in strategic locations, will eliminate the target past and create a controlled environment for you to enjoy. The concept is a simple one, to preemptively ambush, the unsuspecting target past, before they have the opportunity to take your blood involuntarily. When only the best will do, it's a bug slayer system.

Kills Mosquitoes

The mosquito is not a difficult insect to kill, if you have the right tools and the knowledge of their habitat. In developing the bug slayer mosquito control system, we analyzed the specific environment where the mosquitoes live and breed as well as the most innovative ways of eliminating the pest. As we have learned through years of experience, may organic plant oils as well as synthetic insecticides can have a great impact on adult mosquitoes. The key is in delivering the right product, in the right dose to not only kill the bug, but to be environmentally responsible in the process. The bug slayer system will automatically treat this suspect environment on a daily basis, with multiple applications, at high activity times, that will have the greatest impact on the mosquito population. The key is not only to kill the adult mosquitoes, but to break the lifecycle as well as repelling any newcomers to the area. Get a BugSlayer system, the bite stops here.

Kills No See-ums and Sandflies

It's been said if you thought mosquitoes were bad, wait until your attacked by sandflies or No see-ums. If you can imagine of cloud of tiny mosquitoes attacking you all at one time, its like a swarm,that's the no see-um.. They are relentless hunters, and have to take a blood meal just like a mosquito to survive. They are susceptible to the same products that kill and repel mosquitoes. The bug slayer system kills and repels no see um's and sandflies. Unlike mosquitoes, no see-ums tend to attack only at dusk and dawn. The attacks normally last for an hour or two, unlike mosquitoes the bite all night long. The same chemicals that are used in the bug slayer system for mosquitoes, work well on no see-ums. The times of treatments differ based on the activity of the no see-ums, with the strategic nozzle placement variables that seek to attack the no see um's at different levels and locations. With consistent daily, automatic repetitive applications, no see-um control can be attained with the bug slayer system.

Kills Spiders

The bug slayer mosquito control system, also kills spiders. The only good spider is a dead spider, you've guessed it, I hate spiders. Spiders can be an insidious problem, and the fact you seldom see them when you're trying to kill them. They tend to be held up in a crack or crevas, waiting for an unsuspecting bug to come by or touch their web. Spiders usually hunt at night, when you're in bed, there everywhere. Just walk out in the morning, and have a combat you hang around your face, you know that spider was there.

The bug slayer system, we attack spiders at night, when they are active. We strategically place our misting nozzles where the spiders high activity areas are: along the eaves, around pool screens, in trees and under decks. We set the bug slayer system, to spray three or four times per night at intervals that will directly spray the spider on their body. With this type of application will eliminate the spider population from areas you frequent outdoors. You need a bug slayer system, for spider control, when only the best will do.

Kills Aquatic Midges and Lake Flies

The aquatic Midge looks like a blind mosquito, that emerges from a freshwater body of water during the night. The insect is drawn to light colors or to the lights on your house. The onslaught of it aquatic Midge invasion may seem epic like something out of the Bible. An emergence of aquatic midges may number in the hundreds of thousands, all at once. The bug slayer system is extremely effective in eliminating the aquatic Midge. Through a strategic placement of nozzles, in and around outdoor seating areas, along yard areas where the midges will travel, and near the water where they emerge as the game plan for their control. The bug slayer system will automatically administer, 3 to 4 strategic 60 second applications of solution to your outdoor effective areas. The sprays will kill all insects to come in contact with the solution. We installed over 250 systems specifically to eliminate the aquatic Midge in the St Petersburg Bay area, with great success. If you have a Midge problem, you need a bug slayer.

Kills Wasps and Maud Daubers

In central Florida, wasps and mud daubers are a nuisance pest. The nest they build can damage or degrade the outward appearance of your home. Wasps and mud daubers are in the same family, but instinctively live in different structures. Wasps build paper houses the dangle from the ease of your house the plants in your yard. Mud daubers on the other hand build mud structures that attach to the upper sides of your home. Both species can be aggressive when approached. To eliminate wasps and mud daubers, a bug slayer system can be very effective to achieve end goal. Through a series of strategically placed misting nozzles in areas where the target insect builds its home, the bug slayer system will spray its chemical solution at specific, automatic timed settings. The spray will kill and repel both wasps and mud daubers on contact and keep them from coming back.

Kills Flies (Even in Horse Barns)

For over 30 years, auto spray insect misting systems have been used in horse barns throughout the country to control flies and other nuisance insects. Almost 10 years ago, we built the first prototype system, based on one used in a horse barn in the St Petersburg Bay area. The system was very basic, with very generic features and seemed somewhat antiquated, but it worked. Through our own research and development, bug slayer innovated a unit that would take into consideration the best functionality of the older systems, and integrate convenience and safety features that would make it viable not only for horse barns, and killing flies, but also complete insect control for any backyard setting. Our system still kills flies in horse barns they in and day out, without any effect on the animals or people around those horse barns. We install our system over 100 barns in the St Petersburg Bay area, for fly, spider in mosquito control.

Bug Slayer Kills Mosquitos, No See-ums, Flies and Spiders St Petersburg FL
BugSlayer in St Petersburg
St Petersburg Bug Slayer Kills Mosquitos, No See-ums, Flies and Spiders
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