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Stay Warm Products in and near St Petersburg Florida

Stay Warm Products in St Petersburg

I live in Florida, because I don't like cold weather. The sad truth of the matter is, we have two or three months out of the year we can get downright cold. If you've grown accustomed to being outdoors, and you have a great outdoor living environment that you can enjoy because of the cold weather you may need a chill slayer.

Over 10 years ago bug slayer mosquito control started doing business in the St Petersburg Bay area. Over the years, we added the heat slayer as our outdoor cool mist system. For 9 to 10 months out of the year, our phones ring off the hook because everybody in St Petersburg Bay is sweating or swatting, As winter rolled around, nobody needs cool misting and in some rare cases, even the bugs stop biting. We sought another opportunity to grow our outdoor comfort business. We added a line of products called the chill slayer. Chill slayer is our line of outdoor patio heaters.

Outdoor patios, present a unique opportunity as well as a challenge for outdoor heating. In open air application, heat normally dissipates, when that heat is not held in by some type of barrier. Instead of trying to blow around hot air like a traditional heating unit, we learned that you needed infrared radiant heat for outdoor applications. We carry a full line of outdoor electric radiant heaters, both portable and permanently mounted. In addition to electric heaters we offer a full line of both LP gas and natural gas radiant heaters. These heaters can also be permanently mounted or used on a portable basis.

The key to outdoor heating is identifying the area in cubic feet volume, as well as the positioning of outdoor seating areas along with potential air flow corridors. With these factors in mind, we develop an outdoor heating plan. By adding equipment sufficient to heat those areas, that can get cold in the wintertime we can give year round outdoor comfort. We have developed outdoor comfort solutions, that meet or exceed your expectations. Chill slayer allows you the opportunity to enjoy your outdoor living spaces, previously lost to the cold.

Stay Warm Products St Petersburg FL
BugSlayer in St Petersburg
St Petersburg Stay Warm Products
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