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Mosquito Adults in and near St Petersburg Florida

Mosquito Adults in St Petersburg

Adult mosquitoes are truly our adversaries, they've been around for centuries. In the state of Florida, they were the main reason for slow development and growth of the population here. A few facts about adult mosquitoes are:

  1. Mosquito only weighs 1/25,000 of an once.
  2. Mosquitoes are responsible for more human deaths than any other living creature
  3. Only female mosquitoes bite, they need protein from the blood to lay their eggs
  4. Male mosquito survived by sucking on nectar and other plant juices.
  5. The welt that appears after a mosquito bite is an allergic reaction to the saliva that is injected into your skin to prevent your blood from clotting.
  6. Mosquitoes rarely travel farther than 300 feet from the birthplace.
  7. Light colors are less attractive to mosquitoes than dark colors.
  8. Mosquitoes are found all over the world even in the Arctic.
  9. Like humans, mosquitoes have food preferences.
  10. The attractive level of each individual to biting mosquitoes is based on a complex interaction of many chemical and visual signals such as body heat.
  11. One local species of mosquito feeds during the day, while many other species prevalent in our area feet at dusk and throughout the night time.
Mosquito Adults St Petersburg FL
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