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Cool Misting Products in and near St Petersburg Florida

Cool Misting Products in St Petersburg

Have you ever had one of those summer days, if you were to go outside you'd melt, and your family would only find a puddle? Have you ever gone one of those theme parks in Central Florida and noticed the misters where you're standing in line? Wouldn't that be nice in your backyard? Here in St Petersburg Bay from mid-April, through the end of October temperatures can reach 95 plus during the days, and the nights, can still seem stiflelingly muggy. There is an answer; it's the heat slayer cool misting system.

Over the past 10+ years, bug slayer has been in the mosquito misting business. That is, we have been in the misting business. In 2004, we introduced our line of cool misting systems. We call it the heat slayer. The heat slayer can reduce your outdoor temperatures from 7 to 15 based on the relative humidity and shading. The heat slayer works on the principle of evaporative cooling. In the evaporative cooling process, water is run under extremely high pressure through a misting nozzle, 1,000psi. The water droplet is pulverized to a size small enough, that it will evaporate in the air. In this evaporation process, the air surrounding that water droplet will be cooled.

Yes, this application is perfect for any outdoor entertainment area. A restaurant seating area, your outdoor kitchen area, your screen covered lanai, your Tiki hut, the outdoor patio are all the perfect area for the heat slayer outdoor cooling system. Here in Florida, we realize that the level of humidity outdoors is extremely high year round. In some cases just a minister can actually exacerbate the outdoor heat problem. In the process of developing a cool misting system that works in Florida, we decided to introduce an air flow source along with the cool mister. Accompanied with a high velocity fan system, the misting nozzles completely eliminate the moisture and cool the air. A cool and dry solution, the heat slayer system was born.

In the heat slayer outdoor cooling system, we use a high pressure pump the runs at 1000 psi. We install our special high pressure tubing, that carries the water to our misting nozzles. We then mount of misting nozzles, to the front face of a high velocity fans. Coupled with the air flow from the fan, the performance of the misting nozzle is greatly enhanced. The evaporative cooled air is blown by the fan in such a way as to diminish any muggy effect from the water in the mist. You end up with clean, cool, dry air. The sensation from the heat slayer misting system feels many times greater than the actual temperature reduction. A realistic 15 temperature change is very attainable with the heat slayer system. The environment in the outdoor area to you want to enjoy can be changed. Take back that patio in the summer time with the heat slayer outdoor cool misting system. If your sweating or swatting you need bug slayer, give us a call.

Cool Misting Products St Petersburg FL
BugSlayer in St Petersburg
St Petersburg Cool Misting Products
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