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Bug Slayer Mosquito Control System

The bug slayer system is an auto spray insect management system. The system is installed on private property and is geared toward the elimination of mosquitoes, flies, and other flying biting pests. The bug slayer, falls under the classification of mosquito misting systems the system has three basic components:

1.         The reservoir tank which contains the insecticide product to be metered out through the system.
2.         The pump, motor and timer which control the application of the insecticide, both on a manual basis with a remote control or on automatic timed sprays.
3.         The network of strategically placed misting nozzles throughout the yard area, taking into consideration harborage and breeding areas of mosquitoes, no see-um and other flying biting insects.

System features include:

  1. circuit relay with pushpin analog controls
  2. battery backup on system timer
  3. up to 96 daily mist cycles available
  4. mist duration variables from 5 to 180 seconds
  5. float switch shut off when tank is empty
  6. tank empty and program pause indicator lights
  7. 24 / 7 agitation pump maintains mix consistency
  8. wireless remote start, stop, pause
  9. check valve back flow leak protection
  10. nozzle filtration system
  11. extendable antenna contracts up to 500 feet for remote

System specifications include:

  1. reservoir dimension; 55 gallons, 24” x 44”
  2. pump; 140 GPH front/with 250 psi
  3. motor; 120 V front/  ½ HP at 7.8 Amps
  4. moisture sealed enclosure control panel
  5. agitator pump 66 gallon per hour circulation
  6. manifold nickel plate with pressure adjustments
  7. gauge glycerin filled 0 - 300 psi
  8. circuit breaker; On PANEL at 10 Amp
  9. connections; water tight CARLON
  10. reservoir filtration; 100 mesh stainless steel strainer
  11. rain cover; 27” x 29” bungee tension

The bug slayer mosquito control system is made from robust components. The system is geared to be there for you for years and years of continuous service. Take the opportunity to check us out and see how bug slayer can work hard for you.

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