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About Bug Slayer Mosquito Control Systems

A little history about bug slayer mosquito control, and I hope I don't bore you with the details. On April 2002 we began our business operations under the name of Bye-Bye Bugs Inc. Today we are the oldest and largest provider in the specialized mosquito misting industry. We've installed over 1000 residential and commercial misting systems in the Tampa Bay area. Our expertise in this product line of auto-spray insect management systems is second to none. Initially, we used the services of other companies to build our equipment to serve our clients in this burgeoning marketplace. We had less than desirable outcomes from other manufacturers. In 2004, we developed our own line of custom mosquito misting systems, called the Bug Slayer mosquito control system. At that point, we decided to change our name to Bug Slayer Worldwide, LLC so as not to confuse anybody. Today we supply a growing network of authorized dealers throughout the United States and in the Caribbean. Over the years we've gained the practical knowledge needed to create the type of systems that allow for complete customer control as well as a high level of consumer safety.

As our business grew, we found our customers wanted additional misting services from our company. In 2004 we installed our first Heat Slayer outdoor cool misting system. We have gradually evolved into a customer installation and marketing provider for some of the world's finest cool misting manufactures. Cool misting services are available to residential, as well as commercial customers. We have applications for restaurants and hospitality venues. From identifying your specific needs for outdoor cooling, through the development of your custom misting system, with installation and follow-up service, our goal is to build comfort and ambience through misting.

The letter of 2010, added a new dimension to our range of services. Outdoor heating has become a new and exciting opportunity to serve our valued clientele. We have added a superior line of electric and gas heating systems which provide efficient infrared heat production, while meeting the anesthetic requirements of our customers. Our product line runs the full gambit of permanently installed and portable electric heaters for the outdoors, as well as LP gas and natural gas heat. The process is to identify the specific areas needing outdoor heating and providing just the right solution that maintains the decor and functionality you require.

In 2011, we introduced a new product line for your ultimate outdoor comfort. The Mist Florida, sunshade and windbreak line of products create new opportunities for outdoor entertaining. Our unique comfort portfolio transforms outdoor areas into welcoming spaces for use all year round. Our passion is to achieve your ultimate comfort in any outdoor environment. Allow us the opportunity to open a whole new dimension to your outdoor living spaces.

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