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Mosquito Control in and near Tampa Florida

Frequently Asked Questions
About Bug Slayer Mosquito Control System


Is the chemical sprayed by the system safe?

First of all, let me say too much of anything is not good for you. And what I mean by using more than the recommended doses, in non-specified areas, and not to target pests to be treated is never a practice followed by bug slayer mosquito control. We follow the rules, for your safety as well as our liability.

All the products used by bug slayer mosquito control, Under the guidelines of the Florida Department of Agriculture, as well as the Environmental Protection Agency for registration and labeling for product usage. We follow these guidelines to the nth degree, in making sure that the bug slayer mosquito control insect management system works within these registered guidelines.

None of the products we use, are a known carcinogens or have been connected in any way, with an illness caused to any individual or animal through the use of an automatic misting system.

What are the chemicals that are used in the automatic misting system?

First of all, as the consumer, you have total control of the products you use in the bug slayer mosquito control system. You own the system. When we service the systems, and fill the tanks, we use products that are registered specifically for use in the automatic misting system.

  1. You have the option of plant extracts. These may come from plants such as citronella, lemongrass, and mint oils. These products provide repellency as well as residual effects on insects.
  2. The most common product is called pyrethrum. It is an organic-based, extract from the chrysanthemum flower. It has been used in the pest control industry for over 50 years, in food storage areas, restaurants, as well as general pest control. It has a quick knockdown effect on insects with little residual traces, as it breaks down quickly in the environment.
  3. The third product is permethrin. It is used in lice shampoo for children, flea control for your dog,  even clothing lines that permethrin permeates the fabric with this product for insect repellency and control. This product has good initial knockdown capacity as well as tremendous residual ability to kill and repel insects for 24 hours or more.
How easy is the system to use?
Great question and our approach makes the most sense of any system in the marketplace. We used the K.I.S.S. strategy when we created the bug slayer mosquito control system. We don't use digital timers, we use pushpin analog timers, that are easy to read and easy to change at your discretion. Our spray duration potentiometer, allows you the choice of spray cycles from five seconds to three minutes and anywhere in between. Our remote control allows you the ability to start manual sprays at any time, and also allows you the freedom to pause your system, by remote, if you don't want it to come on. We hate confusion, and want you to have total control of how when and where you are system operates.
When should I set my automatic timer to go off and spray?

First of all, no two yards are identical. In some cases your pest problem may be mosquitoes. In other applications you may be working against no see-ums, or applications may be for spider control, fly control, or some other nuisance pest.

Normally, most automatic applications should be set to spray in hours after dusk, and before dawn. For most flying biting insects, these are the high activity times, and it is the best time to spray for their elimination. Spiders do most of their hunting at night, and this is a great time for applying spray to spider habitats. In horse barns, flies can be a problem all day long, and time treatments throughout the day and evening may be appropriate for fly control.

The key to making the system work in the most efficient manner is using the system when the target pest is most active. The best part about a bug slayer system is you employ your little pest killing nozzles at the most opportune times of the day or night, at your discretion, and timing to bring about a desired outcome.

What service will I get from bug slayer mosquito control systems?

Bug slayer we have tremendous flexibility to serve you as needed, as you desire. We normally have three levels of service that we provide after the installation and calibration of your mosquito control system.

  1. Full service: a trained technician will come to your home or business on a predetermined date to provide routine maintenance, and refill your system on a scheduled basis.
  2. Will call service: you call us when you need us. We provide any level of service, at your discretion, whatever level of service you need to make your system work, refills or repairs
  3. Self-maintenance: for those guys that are hands-on, we allow you the opportunity to maintain your system on your own and save money in doing so. You can purchase parts, chemicals and anything else you need to maintain your system on your own. We do however keep the door open, so if you need a trained technician to come out and fix something that you’re just not sure about. Our techs are available Monday through Friday for routine scheduling and on Saturdays for emergency service.
Can I buy a bug slayer system and install it myself?
Absolutely. We have the expertise to help you analyze your property, through aerial surveys, public records searches to identify structures on your property and pictures or drawings you may send us to help you assess the needed equipment for your bug slayer purchase. We have a do-it-yourself guide that allows you the ability to install the system on your own, if you're pretty handy on a do-it-yourself basis. We currently have over 100 authorized dealers around the US and Caribbean, that may be available to help you if you need a hand.
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