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Sweat Attracts Mosquitoes St Petersburg FL

Sweat Attracts Mosquitoes

St Petersburg Sweat Attracts Mosquitoes
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Sweat Attracts Mosquitoes in and near St Petersburg Florida

What Else Attracts Mosquitoes

If it's not bad enough to breathe and sweat, let me give you a great list of do's and don'ts for attracting mosquitoes.

Dark colors attract mosquitoes. Research shows that mosquitoes respond best to dark colors, especially blue. So if you put away the khakis and the white shirt; instead, don your levis jeans and a black T-shirt. Its' like shining a spotlight on yourself that allows mosquitoes to come in for a happy landing.

Don't try perfume or cologne to cover your tracks. If you just can't bear your body odor, bathe and change clothes. If you cover yourself in the strongest perfume money can buy, you will find that floral scents in the perfume are especially attractive to mosquitoes.

Don't use alpha hydroxyl products on your skin. Lactic acid is in the solution, our bodies produce naturally, it is a big draw for mosquitoes. It just so happens that many skin care products contain lactic acid, and might help boost your chemistry, attracting these bloodsucking bugs. So if you want to be attacked by mosquitoes just use a product that has alpha hydroxyl. You will be the center of attention at a mosquito feast.

Have you ever noticed that mosquitoes bite you on the ankles? That might be because you're wearing smelly socks or your feet are dirty. Yes, this is based on actual scientific research. Mosquitoes love smelly feet. Daniel L Klein, MD, experimented, using dirty socks as a mosquito lure, and found his three-day old sox were irresistible to mosquitoes. Specifically, it's the bacteria grows on human feet that seems to draw the mosquitoes in.

I think I have to save the best for last, lets party. Drink beer and eat Limburger cheese. Studies show people who have had a few beers score the most mosquito bites at the barbecue. Snack on some Limburger cheese while enjoying a beer and you open yourself up to an all-out assault. Limburger cheese is made with the same bacteria that make your feet stink.

Sweat Attracts Mosquitoes St Petersburg FL
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St Petersburg Sweat Attracts Mosquitoes
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