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Special Events Mosquito Control St Petersburg FL

Special Events Mosquito Control

St Petersburg Special Events Mosquito Control
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Special Events Mosquito Control in and near St Petersburg Florida

Special Events Mosquito Control in St Petersburg

Ever gone to a party outdoors and instead of enjoying the environment, the surroundings, the people, you spend most of your time swinging at mosquitoes or swatting those little ankle biters? For the special events, and outdoor gathering, a birthday party or wedding or just spending time with special people in your backyard, a special event mosquito spray may be just right for you.

In the process of a special events treatment, all environmental concerns are taken into consideration. The types of chemicals to be sprayed are paramount in the effectiveness of a special event spray treatment. The type of nuisance insect that is a target of the spraying has a great impact on the type of equipment used for special events insect control.

Breeding areas containing, any standing water that has gone stagnant and carries larva will be eliminated. All foliage surrounding the perimeter of the must be spayed. All trees and shrubs within the perimeter need to be sprayed as well as any grassy areas, or areas that contain organic material. The normal method for application is the use of high velocity gas powered, backpack sprayers. With this type of equipment not only large areas can be covered in a relatively short period of time, but areas associated with suspect insect harborage can be concentrated on in the spraying process. Single treatment applications are usually most effective for a few hours of the special event. The residual effect will diminish over time, usually within a few days. Call bug slayer mosquito control and let us make you are special event, really special.

Special Events Mosquito Control St Petersburg FL
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St Petersburg Special Events Mosquito Control
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