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Kills Spiders in and near St Petersburg Florida

Bug Slayer Mosquito Control System
Kills Spiders in St Petersburg

The bug slayer mosquito control system also kills spider. I hate spiders. It seems, that the spiders that always start on the outside, get on the inside. I like to see spiders, on the backs, with their legs in the air.

Spiders are air breathing arthropods, that have 8 legs, and fangs that inject venom. Spiders are found in every continent, with over 40,000 spider species. The spider's abdomens bear appendages that had been modified into spinnerets. That extrudes silk. There are six types of silk glands within the abdomen of most spiders. Male spiders only survive for a few mating cycles. Female spiders may live for up to 2 years and bear as many as 50,000 offspring .Female spiders spin silk cases, each of which may contain hundreds of eggs. In the St Petersburg Bay area there are only two spiders whose venom is dangerous to humans: the Black widow and the Brown recluse. Most spiders hunt from a web, those that don't ambush their prey and pounce on them. Where you find high densities of spider populations, you will also find high density of spider food. Spiders normally eat other insects and unsuspecting spiders.

The problem in killing spiders is they tend to stay well hidden. Most spiders hunt for their victims from a hidden location. As a victim, makes contact with the web of a spider, or comes within pouncing range, it sets off a chain of events for the spider attack. Spiders normally stay hidden when they're not feeding. Spiders normally feed at night. You seldom see a spider; to spray it with insecticide to kill it. In addition to hiding, most spiders use only the spider web to get around. This makes insecticide spraying for spiders very ineffective, because the spider web will not retain insecticides. Spiders are very difficult to catch in the open for extermination. The answer to eliminating spiders is the Bug Slayer Auto Spray Insect Management System.

Spiders are generally night hunters, building their webs and using the cover of at night for attacking their victims. The bug slayer system allows the home or business owner, to directly spray the spiders, from strategically placed misting nozzles, at times when the spiders are out, active and feeding. The bug slayer system kills and repels Spiders. The bug slayer system is an auto spray insect management system. The system is installed on private property and is geared toward the elimination of mosquitoes, no see-um, and other flying biting pests as well as spiders. The bug slayer, falls under the classification of automatic misting systems the system has three basic components:

  1. The reservoir tank which contains the insecticide product to be metered out through the system.
  2. The pump, motor and timer which control the application of the insecticide, both on a manual basis with a remote control or on automatic timed spray.
  3. The network of strategically placed misting nozzles throughout the yard area, taking into consideration harborage and breeding areas of the spiders.

The concept is a simple one, to preemptively ambush, the unsuspecting target past, before they know what hit them. If you are tired of spiders and you what to go outdoors and enjoy what you worked hard to obtain, you need a bug slayer system.

Kills Spiders St Petersburg FL
BugSlayer in St Petersburg
St Petersburg Kills Spiders
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