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The Actual Mosquito Bite St Petersburg FL

The Actual Mosquito Bite

St Petersburg The Actual Mosquito Bite
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The Actual Mosquito Bite in and near St Petersburg Florida

The Actual Mosquito Bite

The mosquito bite, is really kind of creepy, because I hate needles. Let's review how the mosquitoes find you and the process by which she takes your blood, we might say the bite.

Female mosquitoes hunt their blood host by detecting organic substances such as carbon dioxide and usually other body odors we give off. A large part of the mosquito's sense of smell, or olfactory system, is devoted to stiffing out blood sources. Prior to and during blood feeding, bloodsucking mosquitoes inject saliva into the bodies of their victims. This is done through a unique mouth part that in the species has adapted to piercing the skin. The external structure that actually penetrates the victim is called the proboscis. More specifically, the visible part is the labium, which forms the sheath enclosing the rest of the mouthparts. When the mosquito first lands on a potential host, her mouthparts will be enclosed entirely in this sheath, and she will touch the tip of her labium to the skin in various places. It's apparent she is looking for a suitable place to puncture the skin.

The female mosquito does not insert the labium into the skin initially, she bends back into a bow as the mosquito begins to bite. The tip of the labium remains in contact with the skin of the victim, acting as a guide for the other mouthparts. In total there are six mouthparts besides the labrum: two mandibles, to maxillae, the hypo pharynx, in the labium the mandibles and maxillae are used for piercing the skin. To pierce the skin the mosquito moves its head backwards and forwards. The hypo pharynx in the labrum is hollow. Saliva with anticoagulant is pumped down the tube to prevent clotting as blood is drawn up the tube.

The bite, the feeding process of the female mosquito will persist as long as she is not disturbed. She will engorge herself on the victim's blood. If left alone, the female will take up to four times her body weight in a blood meal from her victim. In addition, to the blood meal that the mosquito takes, the byproduct of her visit is an injection of saliva it stays with her victim. The saliva is the substance that carries many of the diseases that mosquitoes are known to spread. That little bump you get is her calling card, thank you for dinner.

The Actual Mosquito Bite St Petersburg FL
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St Petersburg The Actual Mosquito Bite
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