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Kills No See-ums and Sandflies St Petersburg FL

Kills No See-ums and Sandflies

St Petersburg Kills No See-ums and Sandflies
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Kills No See-ums and Sandflies in and near St Petersburg Florida

Bug Slayer Mosquito Control System
Kills No See-ums and Sandflies in St Petersburg

Another bloodsucking pest that seems to have a stranglehold on Florida, and especially here in St Petersburg Bay is the no see-um. Then may also be known as sandflies or sand gnats. Their real name is the biting midge. They have the same outlook on life as a mosquito, the female needs to take a protein meal, usually the blood of an unwilling host. This blood is then used in the egg laying and developmental process of the next generation of no see-ums. No see-um are small, so small that they can actually go right through the screen of your pool enclosure. They are so aggressive that you can receive hundreds of bites in the matter of minutes. They are so relentless, that they been known to bite people on the fifth story of her condo overlooking the Gulf of Mexico. And now, they have been linked to diseases, that our soldiers have experienced fighting in the Persian Gulf.

The bug slayer system kills and repels no see-ums. The bug slayer system is an auto spray insect management system. The system is installed on private property and is geared toward the elimination of mosquitoes, no see-um, and other flying biting pests. The bug slayer, falls under the classification of mosquito misting systems the system has three basic components:

  1. The reservoir tank which contains the insecticide product to be metered out through the system.
  2. The pump, motor and timer which control the application of the insecticide, both on a manual basis with a remote control or on automatic timed spray.
  3. The network of strategically placed misting nozzles throughout the yard area, taking into consideration harborage and breeding areas of mosquitoes.

The concept is a simple one, to preemptively ambush, the unsuspecting target past, before they have the opportunity to take your blood involuntarily. If you are tired of applying repellents to your skin, swatting at little bloodsuckers that are faster than you are, or not being able to go out and enjoy what you worked hard to obtain, you need a bug slayer system.

The system was not only created, to be an effective no see-um killing apparatus, but focused on three Paramount objectives:

  1. To apply an insecticide product, to a target past, in a manner that would bring out a positive outcome for the homeowner, with the least potential of harm to either the environment, or the purchaser of the system. (SAFETY FIRST)
  2. To reduce the mosquito population, to a point that you may enjoy the outdoor areas, that you use, and cherish, and pay property taxes on. This is done, by making sure the problem area are identified, the proper equipment is installed, to bring about a positive outcome. (EFFACACY)
  3. To install a system that is felt and not seen. This is done, by taking into consideration all landscape and hard scape features, building structures, colors and general outlook of the completed project.(AESTHETICS)


Kills No See-ums and Sandflies St Petersburg FL
BugSlayer in St Petersburg
St Petersburg Kills No See-ums and Sandflies
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