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Special Purpose Applications

Tampa Special Purpose Applications
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Special Purpose Applications in and near Tampa Florida

Special Purpose Applications For
Bug Slayer Mosquito Control Systems in Tampa

Specific needs, that may need to be addressed, may not be appropriate for use of an automatic mosquito misting system. Each property, has a specific need, with a specific intended outcome for mosquito control. At bug slayer, we identify the specific needs, and may need to address the problem in a unique way.

Fly Control for Your Horse Barn

If you have a horse barn, you need fly control and bug slayer has answer for you. If you ever had the occasion to watch a horse covered with flies, stressed, swatting with that big old bushy tail for all they're worth trying to get relief from the onslaught of flies you know how important it is to control the fly population around your horse barn.

We offer an integrated fly management approach to horse barn owners. Many of the ideas are more of a common sense approach; such as manure control and barn cleanliness. Using additives include to inhibit fly larva reproduction, and an insecticide wipe to control flies on animals out in the pasture. But can't always be there in many times you need additional help to control the fly population around your barn areas. That's where the bug slayer, automatic fly and mosquito control system will tie up all the loose ends.

Bug slayer installs a permanent, auto-spray fly management system in around horse barn areas. The system consists of a reservoir tank that carries a mild insecticide, a series of strategically placed misting nozzles around the barn area. The heart and soul of the system is the automatic pump, motor and timer that gives you the ability to control the times and duration of spray treatments that you need to control the pest population in your barn. Bug slayer also services the automatic fly spray units on a periodic basis, as well as maintain chemical fill regiments that will have the greatest impact on the fly population. You need to protect your investment, you need a bug slayer automatic insect management system. Give us a call last opportunity give you a free estimate today.

Customized Mosquito Control Systems

I live in a neighborhood filled with custom homes, that is many of the floor plans may be somewhat similar, but the elevations including landscaping and outdoor amenities all different from yard to yard. You get the idea, we all put our personal touch on the homes we live in and each individualized nuance may present a different opportunity for mosquito growth and reproduction.

Given the fact that each home and yard are somewhat different, a customized approach to mosquito control is paramount in the ultimate effectiveness of the mosquito misting system installed. We've had the opportunity over the past 11 years to install systems in everything from mobile homes to 40,000 square-foot mansions and just about everything in between. We not only take into consideration the size of the area that needs to be treated but also your budgetary constraints, as we know that the maximum return on your investment in a mosquito misting system is just as important to young family starting out as to a business person that's made their fortune.

In our initial interview, we inspect your property and look for areas of mosquito infestation and mosquito breeding opportunities. We also look for landscape features as well as outdoor entertainment areas that may need considerable attention in the treatment process. We also look at construction and building materials that are used, which assist us in strategic nozzle placement and attachment points for mosquito misting equipment. We take the time to question you the homeowner as to what your most pressing issue is for mosquito control; time you like to entertaining outdoors, areas you use most frequently, potential plans for new outdoor amenities they can be built into the system. We look at the possibility of future expansions of the system if your needs change. And in the process of formulating a game plan to take back your yard, we analyzed the data we've gathered and make recommendations as to the best approach to relieve your suffering. Our approach is simple and yet straightforward and has three basic tenets:

  1. Your safety is our first concern.
  2. Your system needs to be effective, how many nozzles.
  3. Your anesthetic’s cannot be compromised with the installation

Most of our systems have been installed, post construction. At this point we have the opportunity to see what you've done and actually enhance your outdoor amenities. We also work with builders and are involved in integrating the mosquito misting system within the construction process. At any point along the way in your journey to enhance your outdoor living spaces, the bug slayer mosquito control system will effectively reduce nuisance insect population to a point that will allow you to enjoy your great outdoors. When only the best will do, it's a bug slayer. Call us today and allow us the opportunity to give you a free estimate and the bug slayer mosquito control system.

Special Events Mosquito Control

We have all attended that party, the wedding reception, the outdoor fundraiser, that sporting event the needed some help with those flying biting pests. The bug slayer mosquito control, we look at special events is an opportunity to serve you.

Most of these events need one time, high dose insecticide treatment, cover a large outdoor area. We have the equipment and essential chemicals, to bring about an exceptional outcome for your special event. When you're looking to throw that big shin-dig, give bug slayer call. We will stop the involuntary bloodletting pictures special event.

Single Treatments for Mosquito Control

Over the years, we've had certain customers wanted only periodic, single treatments for mosquito control. Either they were not prepared to dive in, for the full complement of a bug slayer mosquito control system, or they had only a temporary need for services. In any event, our tax have been able to identify harborage areas of mosquitoes, eliminate the infestation, and provide a cost-effective temporary solution for the mosquito problem the needed to be addressed. The cost of a single treatment application is between $150-$500 depending on the size of the property, and the level of infect infestation found their.

Retractable Mosquito Screens

Retractable mosquito screens by new and exciting opportunity for bug slayer mosquito control. Over the years, we've had folks that really were looking for something else to enhance your outdoor patio environment.

With a retractable mosquito screen, you have the opportunity to screen in the areas, with a motorized, sealed fitting retractable screen. The screen allows you to roll it up on those days when you don't need any protection, and roll it down as necessary for those times of the mosquito onslaught.

We have retractable screens than not only keep out mosquitoes, those pesky no see-um's. Give us a call today for no obligation quote on your new retractable screen, when only the best will do, it's a bug slayer.

Larvaecide Applications

Larva side applications put us on the front end of mosquito control. By identifying the existing larva population in and around the yard area, we have an indicator of the potential mosquito infestation you may be up against. Many times will use a larvasiding application, on areas that are not able to be sprayed, potted plants inside a screen enclosure, gutters that don't drain, underground French drains the hold water. In larvaecide application may be the critical factor in bringing about the overall desired outcome for your mosquito control. If you need somebody that can think outside of the box, you need a bug slayer.

Special Purpose Applications Tampa FL
Special Purpose Applications
Tampa Special Purpose Applications
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