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Fresh Water Mosquitoes

Tampa Fresh Water Mosquitoes
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Fresh Water Mosquitoes in and near Tampa Florida

Fresh Water Mosquitoes in Tampa

In the Tampa Bay area there are numerous lakes, ponds, rivers and estuaries that are naturally occurring freshwater bodies. Mosquitoes will use these natural areas for breeding and reproduction, but many of these areas also have natural predators that can help somewhat in the natural control mosquito population.

Constructed wetlands are the major concern, especially in suburban and urban areas such as Tampa Bay. These artificial wetlands multiply areas that create more potential for mosquito development, while presiding in the midst of a dense human population. There are many examples of artificial wetlands that we see right in our own backyards. Drainage ditches for rainwater runoff that seldom dry out. Conservation ponds where runoff gathers for days, weeks, or months at a time. Storm drains that never really drain both on a municipal level, or created drainage for runoff in private yards. Unattended swimming pools, water features, potted plants, birdbath, gutter systems all have the potential for incredible opportunities of mosquito reproduction.

This issue can be of greater concern in otherwise dry areas where such opportunities did not existed previously, would appear only seasonally, or have been eliminated by other development.

Fresh Water Mosquitoes Tampa FL
Fresh Water Mosquitoes
Tampa Fresh Water Mosquitoes
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