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Fly Control for your Horse Barn Tampa FL

Fly Control for your Horse Barn

Tampa Fly Control for your Horse Barn
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Fly Control for your Horse Barn in and near Tampa Florida

Bug Slayer Mosquito Control System
Fly Control for your Horse Barn in Tampa

Big animals, mean a big investment. Over the years, sprawling estate homes have added a unique dimension to the outdoor amenities, namely equestrian facilities. And if you are so fortunate to own and enjoy horses of your own, you know the maintenance and care of your animals is extremely important, and expensive. To protect your investment an automatic misting system may be just the answer.

Horse owners have enjoyed the protection of automatic fly spray systems for over 25 years. Actually, the mosquito misting industry evolved from the traditional barn fly spray systems. Almost 15 years ago, a good friend introduced me to the fly spray systems. At the time, there was a group of entrepreneurs that were working on an upgraded barn system they could be used in the backyard to control mosquitoes. In a few short years, a burgeoning industry grew into what might be called today, auto spray insect management systems. In 2002, we installed our first mosquito misting system that offered dual capabilities for fly control.

Over the past 11 years, we've upgraded the capabilities of the traditional fly spray system to a multifunction all-out attack on a nuisance insect that you may come in contact with. In theory, the idea of the fly control system is to strategically meter out, a dose of a mild insecticide, on a periodic automatic basis that will not only kill but repel flies in a barn area. The key ineffectiveness is to strategically place the misting nozzles in areas that will have the greatest impact on the fly population. One spray nozzle strategically placed above the middle of each stall were usually handle the fly problem in that specific area. Nozzles arranged along the runways, going to and from stalls will assist in controlling flies in common areas. Nozzles arranged along outer air flow roots, along soffit edges outside the stable will limit the number of flies entering the barn.

The system will emit a mild organic insecticide, normally a derivative of the chrysanthemum flower called Pyrethrin. This product has almost an immediate contact kill on-the-fly population, but will leave very little residual trace of insecticide in around the barn area. This product can be sprayed directly on or over animals, as well as around common areas. The system has had tremendous effects in controlling the fly population when used in conjunction with an integrated pest management approach to fly control.

The bug slayer, we've installed fly systems in over 100 horse barns throughout the Tampa Bay area with great success. We know the system works, because what our clients run out a chemicals it's a mad dash to the phone to have us come out and provide our refill service. We look forward to the opportunity to help you enjoy your equestrian experience. The time and money you've invested in your animals will be greatly enhanced by the services that we can provide through bug slayer.

Fly Control for your Horse Barn Tampa FL
Fly Control for your Horse Barn
Tampa Fly Control for your Horse Barn
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