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Remove Stagnant Water Tampa FL

Remove Stagnant Water

Tampa Remove Stagnant Water
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Remove Stagnant Water in and near Tampa Florida

Remove Stagnant Water
To Stop Mosquitos From Breeding

Over the years, I think we've each read hundreds of articles on how to reduce the mosquito population in our backyards. Yet, no matter how many public service announcements, or articles that are written, we just don't get it. The key to stopping mosquitoes from breeding is to eliminate the places where they lay their eggs. If there's no puddles in your backyard, you've eliminated half your problem.

Mosquitoes lay their eggs were there is moisture. It takes only a few days from an egg to grow to an adult mosquito, which then can live for few weeks up to several months. Elimination of mosquito breeding sites is one of the best keys to mosquito prevention. This list is not exhaustive, but I'm sure it will help remind us of areas we need to address.

  1. Remove standing water in old tires, buckets, dishes or any other containers.
  2. Clean out gutters. Check flat roofs the may have poor drainage.
  3. Cover barrels and trash containers tightly with the lid or use  a fine mesh of screening material as a cover.
  4. Empty plastic wading pools the least once a week. Store them indoors when not in use.
  5. Change the water in birdbath’s and pets watering bowls at least once a week.
  6. Empty the water in plant pots at least once a week.
  7. Turn over all remove empty plastic pots.
  8. Remove tires or drill holes in those used in playgrounds to drain.
  9. Level the ground around your home so water can run off.
  10. Fill depressions near your home that collects water.
  11. Pickup all beverage containers and cups.
  12. Store boats covered or upside down. Pump out bilges in boats.
  13. Fill-in tree holes or hollow stumps that hold water.
  14. Remove vegetation or blockages in drain ditches so water can flow through.
  15. Repair screening on Windows, doors, porches and patios.
  16. Flush bromeliads with freshwater every few days.
Remove Stagnant Water Tampa FL
Remove Stagnant Water
Tampa Remove Stagnant Water
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